How To Magically Transform Your Average Life Into a Calling

What did you expect -- for it to be handed to you on a silver platter? I mean let's be honest what are you doing to live a life of purpose:

  • Are you listening to what your life wants to do with you
  • Are you obsessively pursuing your passions
  • Are you making opportunities so mentors can find you


So why do keep saying that your life sucks? Have you ever thought that life does not suck, maybe it's you that sucks?

Yep, I said it and I am not going to apologize for it.

I am kicking you in the ass because your life can be lived with purpose. So when you are on your deathbed and you look back on your life, there are no regrets, just gratitude.

The journey will not be easy. Your success will be dependent on your mindset and from the help of other people. Let me show you how.

Your Life's Purpose Just Called You A No Good Coward

Finding your life's purpose is a painful journey and one where failure becomes an intimate friend. So it's not surprising that the average person never finds their calling.

Instead, the average person is satisfied with existing. Why -- because existing is easy and safe.

But your calling won't be dismissed so easily. It’s a nagging voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you, "This is not what you were born to do." There will be some, a remarkable few, that will listen to that nagging voice and begin their journey.

But where exactly is the journey taking you? Without a map or final destination, this journey is looking more like a random outing.

Unfortunately, finding your calling is supposed to be a difficult journey infused with failure. Yes, you read that right. You must fail and repeatedly fail before you succeed.

Why, because failure is your best mentor. From it, you will learn not only the right way of doing something but the best way of doing it.

Failure will force you to learn new skills and to master those new skills through repeated practice.

In other words, no one finds their calling based on their talents. Finding your calling is an exercise in failure and deliberate practice, which is fueled by the right type of mindset.

And that mindset must be prepared to accept failure as a teacher. This is the mindset that Psychology professor Carol Dweck calls the growth mindset -- where people believe their potential is unlimited.

And with a belief in unlimited potential you are well positioned to create a life of purpose.

Tip: Do you have a passion? Then investigate it, this is how your life begins to call you to your purpose. And don't worry if you fail at achieving any type of excellence in that passion -- simply learn from the failure and apply those lessons to the next leg of your journey.

A Mentor's Job Is To Sucker Punch You In The Face

Even though you know, you are on the right path. You will still need a reassuring voice to let you know what you already know to be true.

Thankfully, life will and has placed mentors in your way. These are people who will help you on your journey -- like your parents and teachers.

But as we get older these mentors get harder to spot. Unfortunately, mentors won't announce themselves. In all honesty, they will move in and out of your life unexpectedly.

So how do you find a mentor? You don't. They will find you.

You should spend your time pursuing your calling and motivated to doing the work that matters. Once you have placed yourself in that mindset, the mentor will enter your life for the sole purpose to teach you what you must learn.

The caveat? You must be ready to learn. And if you are ready you can make amazing things happen.

Tip: Mentors will weave their way in and out of your life. So you need to listen carefully to each person that enters your life -- especially when you need the advice most.

Question: Your calling is what you were born to do but on this journey we need mentors to guide us to the next leg of our journey. Who has been your most influential mentor?